NOVOPOL a. s. was founded in 1992. Today it belongs among the most important producers of foam polystyrene in the Czech Republic. The production is mainly focused on packaging, fixation elements, transport pallets and building boards manufactured on shaped machines.

Products by NOVOPOL a. s. are used in most industries and manufacturing sectors, starting with PC, TV, consumer electronics and white goods to products intended for for thermal insulation of buildings.

In 2011, the performance portfolio was expanded by the products made of pulp moulding. This environmentally friendly technology uses waste paper as a input raw material and works with a closed water circuit.

In 2017, production of recycled rEPS started. The input raw material is EPS waste. It is another step on the road to circular economy and sustainability. The company disposes of high-quality machinery, warehouse and logistics background and well experienced experts.

In November 2020 NOVOPOL s.r.o. became a member of HIRSCH Servo Group, worldwide leader in EPS processing.
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We buy waste polystyrene and blocks of compacted EPS.